Knowledge representation and semantics represents a thriving and crucial subfield of biomedical informatics. The representation of healthcare data, information, and knowledge in a semantically rich manner which allows for diverse applications is critical to the present and future of healthcare. There have been great successes in areas ranging from drug discovery and -omics to public health and medication safety, but the job is not done. As we continue to build systems in the cognitive computing era, we face issues in ensuring the represented knowledge is up to date, that we have not made representational errors, that we can use and reason over the represented knowledge as needed for specific applications, and so forth. This pre-symposium event provides a forum for these and many other topics and issues dealing with knowledge representation and semantics to be discussed. The event will consist of three sessions: a doctoral consortium in which students will present their in-progress dissertation work; highlights in knowledge representation and semantics in which published work from a diverse set of venues will be presented to this wider audience; and late-breaking research posters and demonstrations in which extremely recent results and software systems under development will be presented for the first time.

Learning Objective 1: Understand the state of the art in knowledge representation and semantics.

Learning Objective 2: Appreciate the breadth of the field, including works published/presented in venues other than AMIA.


Daniel Schlegel (Presenter)
SUNY Oswego

Mathias Brochhausen (Presenter)
University of Arkansas for Medical Science

Jiang Bian (Presenter)
University of Florida

Licong Cui (Presenter)
University of Kentucky

Zhe He (Presenter)
Florida State University

Xia Jing (Presenter)
Ohio University

Raymond Francis Sarmiento (Presenter)
University of the Philippines Manila

Rui Zhang (Presenter)
University of Minnesota

Presentation Materials: