The simple unambiguous sharing of healthcare data is insufficient to meet the needs of our delivery systems if we are to improve quality and reduce costs. Traditional standards development processes are too slow and inefficient. Moreover, the means for exchanging data has not facilitated data reuse for a broad range of purposes, including quality evaluation, decision support, clinical research, primary medical science applications, and population health. Moreover, the standards innovation process must evolve more rapidly, despite an environment constrained by the limited availability of resources, by government regulation and by the soaring knowledge base. The report of the JASON Task Force provided a clear and achievable path to that goal, beginning with the enablement of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). Last year, the use of open APIs was mandated in the 21st Century Cures legislation. Ever increasingly, the FHIR (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources) platform is fulfilling these needs in mobile health, Precision Medicine, and value-based care. The Argonaut Project, a private-sector initiative, is helping to drive FHIR implementation. The implementation community has grown exponentially in the last year to include payers (Da Vinci Project), BioPharma (TransCelerate), government (VA Lighthouse Gateway), and quality measurement leaders (NCQA on FHIR). The FHIR Foundation provides much needed public resources for the implementation community.

Learning Objective 1: At the conclusion of this workshop, participants will be able to leverage the power of the HL7 FHIR platform for patient care, applied research, population health, or precision medicine; to formulate technical, business, and workflow strategies that enable the integration of open APIs (Application Programing Interfaces) and HL7 FHIR resources to enhance interoperability initiatives and data integration; and to exploit the ease of FHIR implementation to enhance technical strategies, reduce development time, decrease project implementation costs.


Charles Jaffe (Presenter)
Health Level 7 International

Joshua Mandel (Presenter)
Verily (Google Life Sciences)

Stanley Huff (Presenter)
Intermountain Healthcare

William Hammond (Presenter)
Duke Medical School

Micky Tripathi (Presenter)
Massachusetts eHealth Collaborative,

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