In a setting offering convenient access to personal health records (PHR) portal through a mobile-optimized website and mobile application, patients who accessed the portal from a mobile device in addition to a computer increased their frequency of use and received more timely access to view their own lab results. This more frequent, convenient, and timely mobile access to personal health data and tools may support more effective engagement, self-management practices, and clinical care.

Learning Objective 1: Learn how mobile access to a personal health record (PHR) impacts the frequency of PHR use for patients with diabetes

Learning Objective 2: Learn how mobile access to PHRs impacts the likelihood that patients view their lab results within 7 days


Ilana Graetz (Presenter)
University of Tennessee Health Science Center

Jie Huang, Kaiser Permanente Division of Research
Richard Brand, University of California at San Francisco
John Hsu, Massachusetts General Hospital
Mary Reed, Kaiser Permanente Division of Research

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