Optimizing CDS may improve medication therapy management (MTM) outcomes. The objective of this research was to evaluate the extent to which MTM CDS aligns with human factors principles. Four analysts scored 24 CDS screen shots. Visibility and color use principles were generally met. When icons and signal words are used to indicate clinical priority, they should be clearly defined and used consistently. Our findings inform recommendations to optimize MTM CDS for community pharmacies nationally.

Learning Objective 1: To describe the alignment of clinical decision support (CDS) for community pharmacist-delivered medication therapy management with established human factors principles and list recommendations for improvements to CDS design.


Margie Snyder (Presenter)
Purdue University College of Pharmacy

Heather Jaynes, Purdue University College of Pharmacy
Stephanie Gernant, University of Connecticut School of Pharmacy
Julie DiIulio, Applied Decision Science, LLC
Laura Militello, Applied Decision Science, LLC
William R. Doucette, University of Iowa College of Pharmacy
Omolola Adeoye, Purdue University College of Pharmacy
Alissa Russ, Purdue University College of Pharmacy

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