As the clinical impact of the social determinants of health (SDH) is increasingly recognized, more institutions are implementing EHR-based approaches to addressing these determinants. Organizations are developing the infrastructure to integrate SDH-related data into clinical practice, population health management, and research. However, the US healthcare system is still in the early days of dealing with social determinants, so there is no standard roadmap for collecting SDH-related data, using the data in billing or diagnosis, or acting on the determinants in the clinic or through referrals to community-based organizations. This panel will discuss the experience of four different institutions in implementing programs to address the SDH and the core role of informatics in their approaches. Lessons learned by these groups can help others implement their own programs successfully.

Learning Objective 1: Identify important factors in successfully addressing the SDH in a clinical program.

Learning Objective 2: Describe the difference between individual-level and community-level determinants and their areas of impact


Michael Cantor (Presenter)
NYU School of Medicine

Rachel Gold (Presenter)
Kaiser Permanente

Laura Gottlieb (Presenter)

Hadi Kharrazi (Presenter)
Johns Hopkins School of Public Health

Theresa Cullen (Presenter)
Regenstrief Institute

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