The Patient Centered Outcomes Research Institutes’ PCORnet is in its fourth and final funded year. ARCH (Accessible Research Commons for Health), a PCORnet. network, has developed placed special emphasis on investing in network innovation for sustainability. Here we report ona the robust platform we have developed to facilitate agile research. Here we, demonstrateing our tools to support the preparatory-to-research and preparatory-to-funding stages.

ARCH uses Informatics for Integrating Biology and the Bedside (i2b2) as its technical backbone. We developed an i2b2 ontology that represents the PCORnet Common Data Model (CDM) alongside a mapping process. ARCH uses the Shared Health Research Information Network (SHRINE) platform for distributed querying. ARCH sites have developed mutual trust relationships, which enable the ARCH SHRINE hub to perform live queries across all sites and return aggregate counts in real-time.

ARCH now offers offers an innovation on the SHRINE tools with a research portal for patient-level analytics. Researchers develop study-specific data requests, the limited data sets are exported by each site’s Data Steward and are aggregated and accessed from a secure cloud instance. Our regulatory process minimizes per-study approvals, relying heavily on a master IRB and Data Use Agreement.

ARCH is a successful demonstration of innovative approaches for live, distributed analytics across diverse environments with disparate data.

Learning Objective 1: After this activity, the participant will be better able to evaluate and implement innovative technologies and tools for preliminary, pre-funded multi-site distributed data analytics.


Jeffrey Klann (Presenter)
Harvard Medical School

Stanley Boykin, Boston Children's Hospital
Marc Natter, Boston Children's Hospital
Margaret Vella, Harvard Medical School
Douglas MacFadden, Harvard Medical School
Sarah Weiler, Harvard Medical School
Sebastian Schneeweiss, Harvard Medical School
Kenneth Mandl, Boston Children's Hospital
Shawn Murphy, Partners Healthcare

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