Many countries that have adopted LOINC curate a nationally-approved list of LOINC terms for use in their jurisdiction. To improve the efficiency and accuracy of mapping to these constrained lists, we enhanced the freely available Regenstrief LOINC Mapping Assistant (RELMA) program, the gold standard LOINC mapping tool, with new features for users to limit their search results to the LOINC terms contained in a user-defined subset.

Learning Objective 1: By participating in this session, participants will apply user-defined subsets of LOINC terms to isolate searches to those terms of interest.


Daniel Vreeman (Presenter)
Indiana University and Regenstrief Institute, Inc

John Hook, Regenstrief Institute, Inc
Timothy Briscoe, Regenstrief Institute, Inc
Swapna Abhyankar, Regenstrief Institute, Inc

Presentation Materials: