A model for implementing cancer prevention Shared Decision Making Tools (SDMTs) within the workflow
of a primary care setting is presented. The SDMTs are used in a web-based Clinical Decision Support
System that is integrated with the electronic health record and deployed automatically for high-risk
patients at the point of care. The focus of the SDMTs is to help patients and providers make evidence-based
and patient-centered decisions about cancer screening and prevention.

Learning Objective 1: Implement a web-based Clinical Decision Support System with integrated Shared Decision Making Tools for cancer prevention in primary care electronic health record systems.

Learning Objective 2: Optimize primary care clinic workflows using Clinical Decision Support Systems and Shared Decision Making Tools focused on primary and secondary cancer prevention.


Thomas Elliott (Presenter)
HealthPartners Institute

Patrick O'Connor, HealthPartners Institute
JoAnn Sperl-Hillen, HealthPartners Institute
Alicia KuninBatson, HealthPartners Institute
Heidi Ekstrom, HealthPartners Institute
Daniel Saman, Essentia Institute for Rural Health
Melissa Harry, Essentia Institute for Rural Health

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