A literature review demonstrates no single clear definition of Health Informatics; this can be challenging when deciding on skills a student should acquire while studying the discipline. The purpose of this n=94 initial cross-sectional analysis was to analyze how the job market currently defines the field; thus, ensuring an academic plan of study does not neglect competencies or skills demanded within the industry. Analysis revealed 25% had programming keywords; with SAS (n=16) occurring most often within this group. Optimizing regulatory and legislative compliance keywords were present in 50% of jobs pulled. 64% had EHR related keywords; Epic (n=10) and Cerner (n=11) being the most common systems referenced. The business intelligence and analysis software package of choice was Tableau, being present in 12% of job summaries. Interestingly, Certified Professional in Health Informatics (CPHI) and associated AHIMA keywords were noted in 7% of listings. This could represent a growing desire within the market for certification, and this statistic should be tracked over time.

Learning Objective 1: After reviewing this poster, the reviewer should better understand the Health Informatics job market preference regarding the following:

-Analyzing data sets and having the ability to manage relational databases are overwhelmingly sought-after skills; Tableau is the current data analysis software package of choice by employers.

-Meaningful use and other regulatory keywords are present in a significant percentage of job postings; helping an organization remain compliant is important to the average employer seeking a Health Informatics applicant.

-Electronic Health Record (EHR) keywords were present in over half of the analyzed job postings; experience with Epic or Cerner based systems is beneficial.

-The current market is not too concerned that the applicant demonstrates specific programming skills; however, SAS is the current programming language of choice when applicable.

-AHIMA keywords were present in only a small number of jobs sampled; Health Informatics certification is not being requested widespread at this time.


Garrett Larson (Presenter)
University of Iowa

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