Implementing the Precision Oncology Data Repository within the department of Veterans Affairs consists of a multistep process, including de-identification and alignment of clinical, imaging and genetic data. Our setup allowed the transfer of data for 113 consented veterans to a server cluster at the Buffalo VAMC and facilitates data expansion and increase of participating veterans. De-identified data is available for research within the VA and transferred to the GDC and Bionimbus for non-VA researchers.

Learning Objective 1: To highlight the multistep development process that is required to aggregate data and built a repository containing several data streams of de-identified, but coded data (molecular diagnostics, imaging and longitudinal clinical data) and that facilitates a flexible system that allows for iterative updates and expansion.


Danne Elbers, MAVERIC
Frank Meng, MAVERIC
Scott Doyle, University of Buffalo
Sylvester Sakilay, University of Buffalo
Sung Feng-Chi, MAVERIC
Brett Johnson, MAVERIC
Robert Hall (Presenter)

Nathanael Fillmore, MAVERIC
Daniel Chen, MAVERIC
Alexander Diehl, University of Buffalo
Samuel Ajjarapu, MAVERIC
Karen Pierce-Murray, MAVERIC
Corri DeDomenico, MAVERIC
Colleen Shannon, MAVERIC
Sara Schiller, MAVERIC
Peter Elkin, University of Buffalo
Louis Fiore, MAVERIC
Mary Brophy, MAVERIC

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