To inform the design of an EMR user interface capable of prioritizing the presentation of high-value data in ICUs, we performed a review of relevant literature, observed ICU physicians’ interactions with EMRs, and conducted a focus group with clinicians who provided feedback on paper prototypes and generated new design ideas. Study findings led to revised designs, which will inform the future development of a functional EMR user interface.

Learning Objective 1: Understand design possibilities, user preferences, and tradeoffs for EMR user interfaces supporting highlighting of information predicted to be of high value.

Learning Objective 2: Utilize user-centered design techniques inspired by Participatory Design to let users take active role in the design of health information systems.


Luca Calzoni, University of Pittsburgh
Gilles Clermont, University of Pittsburgh
Gregory Cooper, University of Pittsburgh
Shyam Visweswaran, University of Pittsburgh
Harry Hochheiser (Presenter)
University of Pittsburgh

Presentation Materials: