Medical scribes are often used to assist with real-time documentation. The goal of this mixed method pilot study was to understand how scribes affect patient-physician communication (PPC). We recruited primary care physician-scribe pairs and adult patients, and randomly decided whether physicians would use a scribe. Patients were uniformly satisfied with received care. There were no significant differences in duration, patient perceptions of PPC, or quality of care suggesting scribes had little impact on PPC.

Learning Objective 1: To describe the role and function of medical scribes in primary care

Learning Objective 2: To understand the potential impact of medical scribes on patient-physician communication in primary care.


Shivang Danak, University of Michigan
Timothy Guetterman, University of Michigan
Melissa Plegue, University of Michigan
Heather Holmstrom, University of Michigan
Alexander Duthler, University of Michigan
Anne Yoo, University of Michigan
Reema Kadri, University of Michigan
Lorraine Buis (Presenter)
University of Michigan

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