Electronic health record (EHR) systems are ubiquitous but remain difficult to use. To address this, ONC funded an ‘EHR Usability Change Package’ initiative to identify existing EHR usability resources and improve access to them. Developed iteratively over an 18-month period, the final version bridges the gap between a static .pdf file and a website by providing key interactive features. The final format and degree of interactivity resulted from expert and user input.

Learning Objective 1: Identify and address EHR usability issues with the use of the EHR Usability Change Package tool designed to help users understand and identify basic usability issues, select and tools to help address those issues, and implement solutions.


Laura Marcial (Presenter)
RTI International

Aaron Hettinger, MedStar Health
Stephanie Rizk, RTI International
Shari Lambert, RTI International
Jonathan Wald, RTI International

Presentation Materials: