The growing use of Electronic Health Records (EHRs) in patient care has created an increasing need for new applications capable of improving the healthcare experience and outcomes for both patients and caregivers. The success of innovative software tools in this marketplace is frustrated by the lack of well-established, unambiguous standards allowing access to the information stored in these EHRs. The Health Services Platform Consortium (HSPC) has as its purpose the identification, evaluation, and refinement of healthcare standards with the express goal of fashioning interface specifications that can be used to create fully interoperable applications enabling plug-and-play transfer between different EHRs.

Our panelists include participants from standards organizations, the US Department of Veterans Affairs, academic medical centers, and business dedicated to providing services to the medical software market. In this panel, they will introduce the HSPC. They will describe its organization and goals, its approach to standards refinement and endorsement, applicable experience with standards-oriented application design and development, and the HSPC Sandbox, an environment for developing interoperable clinical applications. They will introduce and describe HSPC’s overarching goal: to enable a marketplace for interoperable applications and to speed delivery of innovative tools that can extend the capabilities of all standards compliant EHRs.

Learning Objective 1: Describe the organization and goals of the Health Services Platform Consortium. Can it accelerate the development of truly unambiguous healthcare standards.

Learning Objective 2: Discuss the HSPC approach to developing a market for reusable clinical applications that can achieve plug-and-play interoperability across multiple EHRs.


Peter Haug (Presenter)
Intermountain Healthcare

Kenneth Rubin (Presenter)
University of Utah

Stanley Huff (Presenter)
Intermountain Healthcare

Steve Hasley (Presenter)
University of Pittsburgh

Rick Freeman (Presenter)
Interopion, Inc

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