Special Event

Student Paper Competition

8:00 AM–12:00 PM Nov 4, 2018 (US - Pacific)

Yosemite A


(S17) Identifying Similar Non-Lattice Subgraphs in Gene Ontology based on Structural Isomorphism and Semantic Similarity of Concept Labels
Rashmie Abeysinghe, Xufeng Qu, Licong Cui

(S06) Recovery in My Lens: A Study on Stroke Vlogs
Yu Chen, Kingsley T. Abel, Steven C. Cramer, Kai Zheng, Yunan Chen

(S106) Improving Breast Cancer Risk Prediction by Using Demographic Risk Factors, Abnormality Features on Mammograms and Genetic Variants
Shara Feld, Kaitlin M. Woo, Roxana Alexandridis, Yirong Wu, Jie Liu, Peggy L. Peissig, Adedayo A. Onitilo, Jennifer Cox, David Page, Elizabeth S. Burnside

(S20) Integration of Transcriptomic Data Identifies Global and Cell-Specific Asthma-Related Gene Expression Signatures
Mengyuan Kan, Maya Shumyatcher, Avantika Diwadkar, Gabriel Soliman, Blanca E. Himes

(S72) Low Screening Rates for Diabetes Mellitus Among Family Members of Affected Relatives
Fernanda C. Polubriaginof, Ning Shang, George Hripcsak, Nicholas P. Tatonetti, David Vawdrey

(S50) When an Alert is Not an Alert: A Pilot Study to Characterize Behavior and Cognition Associated with Medication Alerts
Thomas Reese, Kensaku Kawamoto, Guilherme Del Fiol, Frank Drews, Teresa Taft, Heidi Kramer, Charlene Weir

(S30) Incorporating Knowledge-Driven Insights into a Collaborative Filtering Model to Facilitate the Differential Diagnosis of Rare Diseases
Feichen Shen, Hongfang Liu

(S09) Computable Eligibility Criteria through Ontology-driven Data Access: A Case Study of Hepatitis C Virus Trials
Hansi Zhang, Zhe He, Xing He, Yi Guo, David R. Nelson, Fran├žois Modave, Yonghui Wu, William Hogan, Mattia Prosperi, Jiang Bian