The panel will discuss the sea of change in the industry related to standards-based API development facilitated by Electronic Health Record (EHR) Platforms and focused 3rd party development to enhance those EHR platforms with innovative novel software solutions. The moderator will provide one example of an EHR platform’s approach to standards-based API development, with a focus on building an ecosystem to aid developers. As leaders in organizations that have developed some of these API based software solutions, each of the panelists will discuss how they decided to work with SMART-FHIR, their app, their approach to working with multiple EHR platforms, implementation challenges, results seen by their organizations and by clinical end users who use their app, and where they see the industry in the future. After listening to these panelists, participants will have a better understanding of some of the industry’s successful solutions that have been developed using EHRs as a platform, how their success came to fruition and future goals to be obtained.

Learning Objective 1: Recognize the unique challenges that may arise in the design and implementation of API Software Solutions that use EHRs as platforms

Learning Objective 2: Gain awareness to the successes in health care that have come from developing API Software solutions


Jigar Patel (Presenter)
Cerner Corporation

Kevin Keenahan (Presenter)
Tissue Analytics

Jon Keevil (Presenter)

Mike Issac (Presenter)

Presentation Materials: