Day-to-day decisions about nutrition, physical activity, lifestyle, and medications are an essential part of chronic disease self-management, especially for conditions like type 2 diabetes. There is a demonstrated need for personalized support, but most individuals with type 2 diabetes don’t receive sufficient education. Mobile health and patient generated data have the potential to transform chronic disease self-management, but interventions and applications are often designed for highly motivated super users, not typical individuals with diabetes. Conversational interfaces may provide a usable and useful paradigm to support self-management for low literacy and underserved users. Felix is a multimodal conversational agent to support the American Association of Diabetes Educators 7 Self-Care behaviors, delivering care by facilitating self-management wherever patients are, anytime, anywhere.

Learning Objective 1: Understand the advantages and drawbacks multimodal interfaces to support chronic disease self-management

Learning Objective 2: Determine how to utilize multimodal interactions to engage users in their care.


Elliot Mitchell (Presenter)
Columbia University

Lisa Grossman, Columbia University