Abstract Body: This year, the annual Biomedical and Health Informatics Year in Review will be organized around the themes of the AMIA Working Groups. The Working Groups have provided papers in their respective domains (over 90 in total) that represent the most influential or significant work, published during the period of September 2017 through September 2018. Summaries of these papers will be presented, with a focus on those with the highest impact, broadest interest, and more entertaining, in this 90-minute, multi-media event. With bioinformatics and clinical research informatics reviews presented at earlier AMIA conferences this year those domains will be less emphasized in this presentation, although some that have much to offer to domains such as clinical medicine and public health will be included.

Dr. Cimino is a practicing physician with board-certification in internal medicine and clinical informatics. He has been involved in informatics since 1981, when he presented a paper at the Symposium on Computer Applications in Medicine – the fifth annual session of what is now the AMIA Annual Symposium. His areas of research interest include knowledge and terminology representation, clinical decision support systems, research information systems, and electronic health records for use by clinicians and patients. He was inducted into ACMI in 1992.


James Cimino (Presenter)
University of Alabama at Birmingham