Given the increasing need for a rapid learning health system based on clinical data and the emerging culture of data-driven clinical research, unreliable clinical data quality can undermine the evidence base for biomedicine. To address this need, the AMIA CRI working group pre-symposium aims to provide a unique opportunity for community building for clinical data quality assessment and for facilitating close interactions among trainees, scholars, stakeholders, and industry professionals interested in scalable and standards-based approaches to clinical data quality improvement. The event will consist of four sections: 1) a panel presenting the state-of-art clinical data quality checking methods, tools and best practices from experts; 2) a journal club-style highlight session, where significant data quality articles will be presented followed by a panel discussion; 3) a tutorial introducing endorsed data quality assessment resources followed by Q&A with the participants; and 4) a moderated brainstorming session aiming to develop a research agenda for clinical data quality improvement with identified knowledge gaps and prioritized research tasks.

Learning Objective 1: After participating in this session, attendees should be better able to:
- Describe the seminal and latest advances in clinical data quality assessment
- Connected with the colleagues and experts with shared interest in clinical data quality assessment
- Critique the pros and cons of existing and available data quality resources and tools
- Gain practical knowledge for standards-based data quality checking tools
- Understand the challenges, research priorities and knowledge gaps for systematic and scalable clinical data quality assessment


Chunhua Weng (Presenter)
Columbia University

Abu Mosa (Presenter)
University of Missouri, Columbia

Monika Ahuja (Presenter)

Ana Szarfman (Presenter)

Anthony Solomonides (Presenter)
NorthShore University HealthSystem

Vojtech Huser (Presenter)

Sigfried Gold (Presenter)
University of Maryland

Meredith Zozus (Presenter)

Presentation Materials: