This interactive panel will discuss broad adoption of CDS and, in particular, the barriers and the solutions to implementing CDS at scale. The discussion will be framed around the use of CDS as a key component of a learning health system, which requires wider use of CDS than is the current state. The panel will describe the barriers to implementing CDS at scale and the different solutions to those barriers. These solutions include implementation of new CDS capabilities, newer technological approaches to delivering CDS using web services, a framework for creating and managing CDS knowledge bases at scale, and standards that enable sharing of these knowledge bases. The panelists bring a range of perspectives that includes an electronic health record systems developer, a CDS platform developer, a knowledge representation and knowledge translation analyst, and a learning health system scientist.

Learning Objective 1: Understand the major barriers to wider use of CDS in practice

Learning Objective 2: Learn about new approaches to implementing and delivering CDS, the new and upcoming standards for CDS, and a knowledge management framework for scaling CDS


Aziz Boxwala (Presenter)
Elimu Informatics, Inc.

Blackford Middleton (Presenter)
Apervita Inc.

J. Marc Overhage (Presenter)
Cerner Corp.

Julia Adler-Milstein (Presenter)
University of California San Francisco

Presentation Materials: