The National Sleep Research Resource (NSRR) is a large-scale, openly shared, data repository of de-identified, highly curated clinical sleep data from multiple NIH-funded epidemiological studies. Although many data repositories allow users to perform simple search of their content, few support fine-grained, cross-dataset query and exploration. This demonstration will show a cross-cohort query and exploration system, x-search, aiming at enabling researchers to query patient cohort counts across all NSRR sleep cohorts and explore the feasibility or likelihood of reusing the NSRR data for research studies. X-search has been designed as a general framework with two loosely-coupled components: semantically annotated data repository and cross-cohort exploration system. The semantically annotated data repository is comprised of data sources with a data dictionary, canonical data dictionary, mappings between each individual data dictionary and the canonical data dictionary, and coding inconsistency harmonization. The cross-cohort exploration system consists of five modules: query builder, graphical exploration, case-control exploration, query translation, and query execution. The canonical data dictionary serves as the core metadata to drive the visual exploration interfaces and facilitate query translation through mappings. This live demonstration will show various unique and powerful cross-cohort exploration features designed to make this resource more findable, accessible, and reusable.

Learning Objective 1: Design patient cohort query system across multiple data sources.


Licong Cui (Presenter)
University of Kentucky

Guo-Qiang Zhang, University of Kentucky

Presentation Materials: