Endometriosis is a complex and common gynecological disorder affecting 5–10% of reproductive-age women. Laparoscopy is an invasive procedure for diagnosis of endometriosis. As such, diagnostic latency is about 10 years. We have DNA-methylation and RNA-seq data from 80 clinical patients. The objective of this poster is to present an integrative analysis approach for biomarker detection of endometriosis using both the DNA methylation data and RNA-seq data that will lead to non-invasive diagnostic tool.

Learning Objective 1: After participating in this session, the learner should be better able to:
1. Learn the methods of integrative analysis
2. Learn the biomarker detection process using multi-omics data


Sadia Akter (Presenter)
University of Missouri

John Bromfield, University of Florida
Katherine Pelch, University of Missouri
Gil Wilshire, Boone Hospital
Sarah Crowder, Boone Hospital
Danny Schust, University of Missouri
Bret Barrier, University of Missouri
J Wade Davis, AbbVie
Susan Nagel, University of Missouri
Trupti Joshi, University of Missouri

Presentation Materials: