Service Designer
Mayo Clinic
Usability Research and Design Associate
I am a UI and UX designer and researcher. My background is in healthcare and my professional goal is to create user friendly things that help patients reach their goals. I am always looking for new ways to reach that goal and make an impact on patients' lives. That desire has taken me from working in mental health hospitals doing direct patient care, to conducting qualitative research on rehospitalization rates at Northeastern University, to designing (hopefully) safer prescriber order entry (CPOE) systems at Brigham and Women's Hospital, and, most recently to Bentley University's Human Factors in Information Design program. In the evolving medical space I am looking for innovative ways to use what we know about cognitive science and user-centered design to improve patient outcomes. I see extraordinary opportunity to improve the design of how all of the people in the medical care community interact, from the patient and their families, to the providers and their team, the insurance companies, the pharmacies, the pharmaceuticals, and everyone in between. We can make this industry better, and if you are trying to work on that come talk to me!